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Two quick plugs this week for other webcomics to check out. In this case, both are done by super-talented coworkers of mine:

First off, About Merpeople by Megan Dong, which launches today! Megan and I got our start in the story artist business together. For six months we were trainees and shared a converted supply closet of an office that was so long and narrow we called it the Bowling Alley. She was super good back then, and she’s even better now.

Secondly, Sithrah by Jason Brubaker. Jason has been my webcomics guru over the last few months, both in person and through his generous book on the subject entitled Unnatural Talent. He’s had massive success with his previous comic (reMIND) including a six figure Kickstarter campaign and two hardcover volumes printed, but Sithrah marks a bit of a departure in a couple of ways.

1) He’s taking more creative chances, including bits of prose and utilizing the strength of the web’s canvas instead of being limited by the dimensions of the printed page.

2) He’s decided to focus this new story on exploring ideas of faith, spirituality, and his belief in Jesus. I’m intrigued to see where he takes it.

Have a great week!

February 24, 2014
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